Cyber Security

Keep your business data safe and protected.


How to spot a cyber-attack and methods to prevent it


Easy ways you can prevent Phishing attacks

  • Always check the spelling of the URLs in email links before you click or enter sensitive information
  • Watch out for URL redirects
  • If you receive an email from a source, you know but it seems suspicious, contact that source with a new email
  • Don’t post personal data publicly on social media
  • Educate staff on identifying phishing email and conduct pen-testing to find weak spots
Easy ways to prevent Phishing Attacks
Easy ways to prevent Malware Attacks

Easy ways you can prevent Malware attacks

  • User education and regular training sessions to identify potential malware threats
  • Update anti-virus software and follow application and Operating System patching best practices
  • Apply application whitelisting on servers and application greylisting on user endpoints
  • Set up automatic backups for data to allow for easier disaster recovery
  • Perform regular website security audits and ensure your network is secure

Easy ways you can prevent Ransomware attacks

  • Keep operating systems and software updated and have the latest patches installed
  • Set up regular data back-up cycles and introduce additional cyber security protocols
  • If an attack does occur, do not pay the ransom as it’s not guaranteed to fix the issue. Instead restore your files from a backup
Easy ways to prevent Ransomware attacks
Help detect Zero-day vulnerabilities

Methods to help detect Zero-day Vulnerabilities

  • Use only essential applications to reduce the potential of risk. As well as use a firewall that only allows for necessary transactions
  • Vulnerability scanning, these simulate attacks on software code and attempt to explore new software vulnerabilities
  • Having a good patch management system set up
  • Keep all software and operating systems up to date

How to prevent Denial of Service attacks

  • Monitor the network and understand what normal inbound traffic looks like
  • Prevent spoofing and limit broadcastings
  • Protect endpoints with the latest patches and ensure your firewalls are only allows for necessary transactions
How to prevent Denial of Service attacks

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