Dark Fibre

Choose Dark Fibre for unrivalled performance, resiliency, and scalability. Delivering ultimate connectivity and complete control of your own network.


Reasons organisations choose Dark Fibre from Iperium

Security and Privacy

Security and

Point-to-point connectivity giving you complete control over your network. Offering a secure way to deliver high speed data applications.

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and

Rapidly upscale with a wide range of configuration options. Dark Fibre gives you the ability to increase bandwidth as your business grows.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Reliability, Speed
and Performance

Achieve high P2P availability to solidify their backbone infrastructure. Perfect for organisations who require speed without compromise.

Unlimited Bandwidth


Excellent for organisations that have bandwidth intensive requirements. Your business will never lose bandwidth with Dark Fibre.


Spanning Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, and Auckland

Dark Fibre Point-to-Point Transmission
Switching to Dark Fibre

Why organisations switch to Dark Fibre

Organisations switch to Dark Fibre because it ensures premium network performance, with incredible data speeds, as data moves directly from point A to B uncontended. This point-to-point connectivity of the network means common outages experienced in carrier networks are avoidable, so your customers experience ultimate uptime.

As your customer’s organisation grows and demands more data and greater service spends, our Dark Fibre network can evolve and scale with ease. The ever-increasing need for connectivity demands networks that can move large amounts of high-speed data without compromising network latency.


For total control over your network

Have full control over your network design and transmission equipment choices, enabling private connections for large volumes of data. Our Dark Fibre is privately operated and managed by your customers giving them the scalability and flexibility needed to future-proof their organisation. Iperium’s Dark Fibre network is seamlessly tailored to meet the needs and preferences of your customers who are given control over all aspects of their network.

Dark Fibre is suitable for customers looking to run point to point services with speeds in excess of 10Gbps and wanting to leverage CWDM/DWDM multiplexing technologies. Speeds available are dependent on equipment being used, however 10Gbps up to 100Gbps across each Wavelength is achievable.

Disaster Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions

Dark Fibre is a lightless fibre optic connection that is laid underground. As there is no network activating equipment connected to send and receive data, the fibre optic cable remains dark or un-lit. Dark Fibre is the basic platform for a private, future oriented network.
To transmit data over long distances, light is sent through the fibre using a laser/light source. The light enters the fibre at an acute angle relative to the outside surface, which causes internal reflection. As a result, the light stays in the fibre. The speed at which the information can be sent depends on the laser. The faster it sends on and off signals, the faster the rate of data traffic.
A single-mode fibre optic cable is suitable for long-distance transmission and high bit rates, or very fast data traffic. This speed is achievable because the cable has a narrow core. As a result, the light moves in a straight line through the cable and is not reflected back by the outside of the core.

The second type is the multi-mode fibre optic cable. This type is ideal for sending data over relatively short distances, at average speeds and with a high bandwidth. The core of this fibre optic cable has a larger diameter, which causes light scattering and can cause bandwidth loss.

Dark Fibre allows the possibility for a linked connection where there is direct connectivity between two-points. This can be between two office locations or direct to a Data Centre for example. Dark Fibres can also be used as a redundant connection where a network topology provides a ring-structure to offer path diversity so there is no single point of failure.
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