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Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect is a Layer 2 network service which connects you directly and securely to multiple public cloud providers with minimal latency and maximum cost efficiency.
Using Cloud Connect, data that would have previously been transported over the internet can now be delivered through a dedicated network connection between the cloud providers of your choice and your data centre or corporate network.
Cloud Connect will enable you to gain access to multiple cloud service providers via a private and dedicated link from your premises. Using a connection that is secure, reliable and has consistently low latency less than 30ms.

Enjoy cost savings compared to a DIA (Direct Internet Access) link at similar speeds.

Cloud Connect offers a range of bandwidth speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbp and direct connectivity from our Data Centres located around Australia.


Colocation is the service of hosting your servers or other computing hardware in a Data centre facility. There can be multiple users under the same machinal and electrical systems in a DC facility. Through colocation, a data centre provider can offer significant economies of scale for users that aren’t large enough to bring down the cost per critical KW that a scaled data centre can provide.
A cross connection is most often a layer 1 or physical layer connection between two carriers or racks. Data centre providers typically segment cross connections by type of cabling used to make the connection – copper, coaxial or fibre.
Remote hands are a series of on-site, physical management and maintenance services provided by the data centre and colocation providers. We have engineering resources available and data centre technicians who can physically assist on-premises.
Our colocation data centres adhere to the highest global security standards that enable frictionless onsite access 24/7 with biometric security and protection from force majeure events such as natural disasters.
Our 24/7 NOC have real-time analytics and complete transparency into our data centre space such as access logs, power usage, and temperature of the rack.
We have presence in major data centres nationwide and have ease of access to major providers with footprint in the same data centre. This means we can get you running in no time.
We have options for 800mm wide and 1200mm deep racks. Additionally, we have Class C (special racks) which we need to go through our presale’s design and approval process.
At Iperium our standard commercial full rack is 42RU. However, we also offer 45RU full racks via the Iperium portal.

Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre is a lightless fibre optic connection that is laid underground. As there is no network activating equipment connected to send and receive data, the fibre optic cable remains dark or un-lit. Dark Fibre is the basic platform for a private, future oriented network.
To transmit data over long distances, light is sent through the fibre using a laser/light source. The light enters the fibre at an acute angle relative to the outside surface, which causes internal reflection. As a result, the light stays in the fibre. The speed at which the information can be sent depends on the laser. The faster it sends on and off signals, the faster the rate of data traffic.
A single-mode fibre optic cable is suitable for long-distance transmission and high bit rates, or very fast data traffic. This speed is achievable because the cable has a narrow core. As a result, the light moves in a straight line through the cable and is not reflected back by the outside of the core.

The second type is the multi-mode fibre optic cable. This type is ideal for sending data over relatively short distances, at average speeds and with a high bandwidth. The core of this fibre optic cable has a larger diameter, which causes light scattering and can cause bandwidth loss.

Dark Fibre allows the possibility for a linked connection where there is direct connectivity between two-points. This can be between two office locations or direct to a Data Centre for example. Dark Fibres can also be used as a redundant connection where a network topology provides a ring-structure to offer path diversity so there is no single point of failure.

Fibre Ethernet

Our ethernet product provides secure, scalable (2 Mbps – 10Gbps) and cost effective full-duplex Ethernet connectivity between two geographically diverse sites across Australia. The point-to-point e-Line configuration securely connects LAN segments across two sites. Customers can use it as a point-to-point LAN bridge by connecting it to Layer 2 Ethernet switches or as a point-to-point WAN link by connecting it to Layer 3 Ethernet routers. The point-to-multipoint configuration reflects a hub-and-spoke design with traffic for the spoke sites logically differentiated via VLAN ID. An Ethernet Trunk Access is used at the hub site to provide the aggregation point.
Once an order is submitted, a member of our Provisioning team will manage it and coordinate delivery of the service with the relevant teams, suppliers, and installers. You will receive notifications via the Portal at key points in the provisioning process to provide you with status updates and service information. Our Provisioning team may also contact you directly if there are issues or if additional information is required.
Our engineers provision the service in our network on a VLAN and deliver to you at one of our Data Centre POPs. Our dedicated team work closely with you on service handover to ensure a smooth transition.

IP Transit

IP transit is a service where an Internet Service Provider allows traffic to cross its network to reach a destination. To have access to all Internet routes, you would need to connect directly with all autonomous systems. This isn’t possible on your own.

Instead, you would connect to an ISP that has a way to reach any network from the Internet. The ISP providing IP transit service is termed ‘upstream’. The traffic coming from the internet and destined to the customer is referred to as downstream.

An Autonomous System (AS) represents a set of IP prefixes that belong to a network and are managed by a single organisation. Each AS is assigned an Autonomous System Number (ASN), which is unique to the network. Iperium’s is AS55707.
Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) is a mechanism to make the internet more secure. Through RPKI, a customer can create a Route Origin Authorisation (ROA). ROA specifies which AS can advertise the prefix. This allows the IP transit ISPs to perform route validation and drop any invalid routes, thus protecting customers against routing leaks and hijacks.
If you have footprint in one of the Data Centres that Iperium resides in around the nation a cross-connect can be ordered to us for direct connectivity.
Yes, we can provide a full table or default route.


We can activate new SIM services within 10-15 minutes from request. Our team proactively process these requests and promptly deliver.
Yes, we require that you provide us with the account details and seamlessly port the service across.
Our vision is to cater for all mobile users. We offer data ranging from 1GB all the way to 100GB, with the option to bolt-on in times of need. Depending on your requirements, we have plans that offer unlimited domestic voice and text, as well as international minutes.
Our mobile product utilises the Telstra 4G mobile network infrastructure.


The existing copper cabling network will eventually be disconnected for most households throughout Australia. The exact date of disconnection depends on your location. You should be notified by NBN a few months prior to the disconnection date, allowing you time to switch to an NBN plan. You may also receive reminders from your current internet provider.
NBN doesn’t support copper phone lines. When NBN is connected in your area, you’ll need to switch to an NBN provider to keep your landline phone service. Look for an NBN plan that come with an internet-based home phone line included. And to keep the same phone number, you’ll need to swap over before the disconnection date.
If there has been a previous NBN connection at your premises, the standard time frame is 1 to 5 business days and there will no additional work required by a technician.

If your address has not been connected to the NBN before the standard time frame can be up to 15 business days and is dependent on your technology type and if any appointments are required to get you up and running.

If you live in a new development area, you may need to pay the $300 NBN new development charge for newly constructed buildings. To check if you need to pay this, you may run a service qualification via our Portal.
If you or somebody else over the age of 18 won’t be home on the day of the scheduled installation appointment, please reach out to us on support@iperium.com.au and our team members can assist to reschedule your appointment to a more convenient time.
In the event of a power outage to an area both your phone and internet service will be affected. Your phone will no longer work during a power outage unless you have a proper battery backup system installed. It is important safety critical devices are accounted for before connecting to the NBN. You may register your medical alarm with NBN to check your device is correctly working once your premise has been connected to the NBN access network.

Voice over IP

VoIP allows you to make calls over a network, anywhere there is an internet connection available. It looks and feels like a traditional landline but has the versatility to be used virtually anywhere around the globe—whether it is your VoIP phone, your smart phone, or your computer. VoIP offers an abundance of features that traditional landline cannot offer, and best of all, they’re free and have plenty of add-on features.
There are a few ways you can place a VoIP call. The most popular method is just using a handset that is connected to the VoIP telephone adapter, dialling as you normally would when using a landline telephone. You can also set up a soft phone on your computer or smart device for ease of access and mobility.
All you need is a VoIP compatible handset or a softphone and an internet connection for a no-hassle setup.
You can use your VoIP service anywhere there is an internet connection available. Whether you are working from home or travelling, you can register your device and receive and take calls on a configured device.
It will ring the same way as a traditional phone service. You won’t be able to tell the difference.
A standard VoIP call typically requires 80kbps of a sustained bandwidth.
Yes. You can port across your existing landline, and we will work with your current provider to ensure a smooth transition.

Partner Benefits

We have a whole team of technical support, customer service, accounts and presales that can and will assist you in every aspect possible.
Iperium do not set any targets for their partners. There are no minimum connections or customers. Why make it difficult?
No, no we do not. We give you the best buy price up front, and from there you decide on what margin you wish to put on the solution when you present it to your customer.
You do. We white label our services, and do not talk to your customer, unless you require us to. We want you to further build your engagement with your customer, and we are effectively your silent connectivity partner.
Fill in a Partner Application Form, or give Iperium a call on 1300 592 330 or email us at sales@iperium.com.au.

The Process

There are no costs to becoming an Iperium Partner. Our partner sign up process does not require any credit card information. You shall only be billed once you have an active service through Iperium.
The sign-up process is not onerous and should take less than 5 minutes.
Once you sign up as an Iperium Partner, we shall organise a mutually beneficial time to walk you through our portal and make sure you understand how to use it. Furthermore, we shall provide you with a handbook. As always, we are here to help answer any questions, and can be contacted via phone or email.
Iperium is all about providing you the best pricing for the best solution, which then you can put your margin on and present to your customers.
All Iperium Partners have access to our whole connectivity suite. We believe in being able to give you the best options to fit your customers’ requirements.
We are carrier agnostic, and shall always provide you with options, dependant on the solution, from several carriers.
Iperium shall provide you a detailed invoice which shall have unique identifiers based on customer services. From there, you can provide itemised invoicing to your customers. Iperium shall never send an invoice to your end customer.

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