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For a reliable and high-speed internet connection choose Iperium’s Business Fibre Ethernet, designed to meet the demands of modern enterprises.

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*Terms and conditions apply. Availability dependent on service qualification. 2-month credit applied in third billing month of the service. Offer valid for orders placed before July 31st 2024.

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*2-months free offer available on certain Fibre400 and Fibre1000 services. Availability dependent on service qualification. 2-month credit applied in third billing month of the service. Offer valid for orders placed before July 31st 2024.

Critical Information summary

Why choose Iperium for Fibre Ethernet?

Giving your business that little bit extra with these benefits

Superior Network Speeds and Performance

With highly reliable bandwidth ranging from 20Mbps to 100Gbps, our Fibre Ethernet provides lightning-fast symmetrical connectivity, ensuring unrivalled performance for your critical business operations.

Flexibility for Growing Businesses

Our solutions are tailored to adapt to your business’s changing needs. Enjoy the flexibility to allocate service bandwidth according to traffic types, ensuring optimal performance for all your applications.

Cost-Effective Implementation

Say goodbye to the need for new hardware. Iperium Fibre Ethernet easily integrates with your existing ethernet hardware, minimising implementation costs and complexity.


Experience scalability without the traditional costs associated with equipment and interfaces. Our Fibre Ethernet grows with your business, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Choosing Excellence

Iperium's Fibre Solutions for Business Success

Iperium offers reliable and efficient Fibre Ethernet for businesses with top-notch infrastructure and customer satisfaction as a priority. We provide uninterrupted internet access, essential for today’s fast-paced business world. 


Reliability and Security

Our Fibre Ethernet offers high levels of reliability and security, bolstered by MPLS fast re-route and path protection. Experience a low latency core network that facilitates fast data transfers between your business locations. 

Easy Setup and Access to Services

With Iperium, setting up your Fibre Ethernet is a breeze. Get a quote and place your order through our user-friendly Iperium Portal. Our connectivity experts guide you through the setup process, providing comprehensive support. 


Access to Comprehensive Solutions

Iperium Fibre Ethernet grants you access to a wide range of services through one reliable connection. Seamlessly connect to data, internet, voice, and cloud solutions, streamlining your business communication and collaboration. 

What is Business Grade Fibre Ethernet and How Does It Work

Business-grade Fibre Ethernet is a dedicated, high-speed internet connection that ensures symmetrical upload and download speeds, offering consistent performance for business-critical tasks. It operates on fibre-optic cables, delivering superior reliability, low latency, and security. This technology enables efficient communication, data transfer, and cloud connectivity, supporting your business’s digital transformation. 

Business grade fibre ethernet | give your business more
business fibre ethernet

Difference from Residential Fibre Ethernet

While both business and residential fibre ethernet use fibre-optic technology, business grade focuses on reliability, scalability, and dedicated bandwidth for critical operations. It offers symmetrical speeds and prioritises performance over cost.

Residential fibre ethernet, on the other hand, typically emphasises cost-effectiveness and may not offer the same level of dedicated bandwidth or security. 

There are No Stupid Questions, Ask Away, We’re All Ears

Everything you need to know about us and our services.

How does the speed of business fibre ethernet compare to other types of internet connections?

Business fibre ethernet offers superior speeds compared to traditional copper-based connections. It provides symmetrical upload and download speeds, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for both sending and receiving data.

Can I customise the bandwidth of my business fibre ethernet connection to suit my company's needs?

Yes, Iperium’s business fibre ethernet offers flexibility in allocating bandwidth, allowing you to tailor your service to match your specific traffic requirements and optimize performance. 

How can I check if business fibre ethernet is available at my location?

You can use our address checking tool on the Iperium website to see if your location is eligible for business fibre ethernet. Enter your address, and the tool will provide you with information on availability. 

What are the payment options for business fibre ethernet services?

We offer various payment options to suit your business preferences. You can choose from monthly, quarterly, or annual billing cycles, ensuring flexibility in managing your finances. 

Are there any upfront costs associated with getting started with business fibre ethernet?

Our upfront costs depend on the specific plan and requirements. However, we strive to provide transparent pricing, and any upfront costs will be communicated to you during the inquiry and ordering process. 


What are the terms of use for business fibre ethernet services?

Our terms of use cover aspects such as service levels, responsibilities, and usage guidelines. They are designed to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership, prioritizing reliability, security, and quality of service. 

How can I get started with Iperium's business fibre ethernet services?

Getting started is easy! Begin by using our address checking tool to see if your location is eligible. If available, you can request a quote or place an order through our Iperium Portal. Our connectivity experts will guide you through the setup process. 


Can I bundle other services with my business fibre ethernet connection?

Absolutely! Iperium offers a range of services, including VoIP, point-to-point data, IP VPN/e-LAN, unlimited internet, and virtual data centre. These services can be bundled with your business fibre ethernet for a comprehensive solution. 

How is the product provisioned?

Once an order is submitted, a member of our Provisioning team will manage it and coordinate delivery of the service with the relevant teams, suppliers, and installers. You will receive notifications via the Portal at key points in the provisioning process to provide you with status updates and service information. Our Provisioning team may also contact you directly if there are issues or if additional information is required. 

How is the service handed off?

Our engineers provision the service in our network on a VLAN and deliver to you at one of our Data Centre POPs. Our dedicated team work closely with you on service handover to ensure a smooth transition.

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