Reliable Fixed Wireless Solutions

Iperium’s Fixed Wireless service, a game-changing solution that offers consistent connectivity, high-speed performance, and unparalleled reliability. 

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Key Benefits of Business Fixed Wireless

Stay Connected with Nationwide Fixed Wireless Coverage

Fast, Reliable Internet

Our service offers consistent and reliable internet speeds, ensuring smooth browsing, streaming, and online gaming experiences. 


Quick Setup and Installation

We value your time. Our expert technicians ensure a hassle-free setup and installation process, minimising downtime and getting you connected quickly. 


Secure and Encrypted Connection

Your security is our priority. Our service offers a secure and encrypted connection, keeping your data and online activities protected. 

Quick Speeds for Enhanced Performance

Experience impressive data speeds, allowing you to download and upload large files, stream high-definition videos, and engage in real-time online activities without delays. 

High-Capacity Network

Our state-of-the-art network infrastructure is designed to handle high data traffic, enabling multiple users to enjoy seamless connectivity simultaneously without compromising on speed. 

Fixed Line Failover

To ensure uninterrupted internet access, we offer fixed line failover. In the rare event of a fixed line outage, our Fixed Wireless service seamlessly switches to keep you connected. 

What is Business Fixed Wireless and How Does It Work

Iperium’s Fixed Wireless Internet network offers a high-speed alternative to traditional household fixed-line internet such as NBN™. Instead of using cables in the ground, we install an antenna at your location that communicates wirelessly with our communication towers. This means no phone line or NBN™ is required. Simply plug your router into the professionally installed data point and enjoy blazing-fast connectivity. 

What is Business Fixed Wireless and How Does It Work
Fixed wireless difference from Normal NBN Connections | GPON

Difference from Normal NBN Connections

More than 60% of Australians can’t achieve over 100 Mbps on their NBN™ service. If your NBN™ connection isn’t meeting your needs, Iperium’s Fixed Wireless offers a solution. With our Fixed Wireless network, you can escape the limitations of your existing service and experience the benefits of our high-speed alternative that’s redefining connectivity for thousands of satisfied Australians. 

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Swoop Wireless 100

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Thousands of users are happily using
Fixed Wireless

Elevate your internet experience and join the league of satisfied customers today!

Swoop Wireless 200

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Suited for large team of high end users, who need connectivity without interruptions.

Total Contract Value of $17,964

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Delivering Speed and Dependability

Your Trusted Fixed Wireless Provider

Dedicated Customer Support

At Iperium, we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support. Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or technical issues. 


Transparent and Competitive Pricing

We believe in transparency. Our pricing is competitive, with no hidden fees or surprises in your bills. You get what you pay for – exceptional service at a fair price. 


Reliable Network and Coverage

Iperium’s expansive network ensures reliable coverage across Australia. You can rely on our Fixed Wireless service to keep you connected, no matter where you are located. 

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What are the benefits of choosing Iperium's business fixed wireless over traditional wired connections?

Our solution offers consistent speeds, quick setup, and reliable connectivity. It’s an ideal solution for areas with limited wired infrastructure or where traditional connections are not feasible.

How do I know if business fixed wireless is available in my area?

You can use our online address checking tool on the Iperium website to determine if fixed wireless services are available at your business location.

What speeds can I expect with Iperium's business fixed wireless plans?

We offer a range of speeds to suit your business needs. Speeds can vary depending on your location and plan, but you can expect consistent and reliable internet for your operations.

Can I bundle services with my business fixed wireless plan?

Yes, Iperium offers bundling options available for Business Fixed Wireless and NBN Business bundles. Contact us to explore bundle options.

What are the installation requirements for business fixed wireless?

To install fixed wireless, we will mount an antenna at your location. Our professional technicians will ensure the setup process is hassle-free and quick.


Are there any data usage limits on Iperium's business fixed wireless plans?

Iperium offers a range of plans with different data usage limits. Contact our team to discuss your business needs and find a plan that suits your data requirements.

How does fixed line failover work with Iperium's business fixed wireless?

In case of a fixed line outage, our service seamlessly switches to keep you connected. This ensures uninterrupted internet access for your business operations.


Can I upgrade my fixed wireless plan if my needs change in the future?

Yes, Iperium offers flexibility to upgrade your plan as your business requirements evolve. Contact our team to discuss your options.

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