Wavelength Solutions: The forefront of advanced networking

Wavelength solutions are technological marvels that empower businesses with seamless communication, data transfer, and network accessibility. 

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Empower Your Business with Wavelength Precision:
Unravelling the Advantages

Experience the peak of connectivity, as well as full control over your network. 

High Bandwidth

Offer significant bandwidth, making them ideal for data-intensive applications like cloud computing and real-time communication. 

Data Security

Dedicated wavelengths ensure data privacy, making them suitable for industries with stringent security requirements.

Low Latency

Provide low latency, enabling swift data transfer and real-time interactions critical for industries like finance and gaming. 


Can be scaled up as your business grows, accommodating increasing data demands without compromising performance. 

What is Wavelength?

Wavelength refers to a specific light frequency used to transmit data over fibre-optic networks. Each wavelength operates independently, allowing multiple channels of data to flow simultaneously over a single fibre, resulting in a substantial increase in data capacity and speed. Businesses utilise these solutions for their exceptional capacity and reliability, as this technology enables secure and lightning-fast communication.

Key Features

Supported Network Interfaces

Service Type


Client Protocol

Customer Interface Type




STM-64, I-64.1 (1310nm, SMF, 10km)
STM-64, S-64.2b (1550nm, SMF, 40km)




10GBASE-LW/LR (1310nm, SMF, 10km)
10GBase-EW/ER (1550nm, SMF, 40km)



103.1G-111.8G, 10x10G WDM, SMF, 1550nm, 2km
103.1G-111.8G, 10x10G WDM, SMF, 1550nm, 10km

Fibre Channel



SM-M 1310nm, 10km
SM-L 1310nm, 10km


1310nm, SMF, 10km


1310nm, SMF, 10km




103.1G-111.8G, 10x10G WDM, SMF, 1550nm, 2km



103.1G-111.8G, 10x10G WDM, SMF, 1550nm, 10km

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Make the smart choice for your network evolution by choosing Iperium. Our comprehensive solutions, combined with our dedication to your success, ensure that your business thrives in the world of advanced connectivity.


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Got a Question?
Ask Away, We’re All Ears

Everything you need to know about us and our services.

How does wavelength increase data capacity?

Multiple wavelengths can transmit simultaneously, boosting data capacity.

Is wavelength secure?

Yes, isolated wavelengths ensure data remains private and secure.

Can I customise bandwidth allocation?

Yes, our solutions allow for flexible bandwidth control.

Is low latency guaranteed?

Our solutions offer low latency, ideal for real-time applications.

Is Iperium's infrastructure reliable?

Iperium’s robust infrastructure ensures consistent and reliable connectivity.

Are there limitations on data transfer speeds?

Wavelength solutions enable ultra-fast data transfer speeds.

Can I upgrade my solution as my business grows?

Yes, wavelength solutions are scalable to accommodate your growing needs.

What is the first step to adopting wavelength solutions?

Reach out to Iperium to initiate a conversation about your connectivity requirements.

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