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Our mission is to empower builders and project developers engaged in these critical endeavours with state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure solutions.

At Iperium, we understand the unique challenges and complex demands that come with construction projects in industrial and commercial settings, ranging from production facilities to warehouses.

Why Choose Iperium for Industrial and Commercial Projects?

Industry-Specific Expertise

Iperium brings extensive experience in industrial and commercial projects, catering to diverse needs such as production, logistics, and warehousing. We understand the distinctive requirements of these sectors and the importance of seamless connectivity in optimising operations.

commercial solutions
commercial solutions

Customised Solutions

Industrial and commercial facilities have unique demands based on their functions. Iperium collaborates closely with builders and developers to design telecommunications infrastructure tailored precisely to each facility’s specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.


We understand the importance of cost-effective solutions in industrial and commercial projects. Iperium offers budget-friendly options that optimise project expenditures while delivering high-quality infrastructure tailored to your specific facility type.

commercial solutions

Empowering Industrial and Commercial Projects with Cutting-Edge Connectivity

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial and commercial development, staying ahead means embracing the latest in telecommunications technology. At Iperium, we recognise the significance of advanced solutions like Fibre Optic Cabling, NBN Integration, GPON Technology, Dark Fibre, Wavelength Services, and Fixed Wireless Connectivity for new projects in industrial and
commercial buildings.

Enhanced Security and Data Protection

Provides a highly secure means of data transmission. It’s extremely difficult to intercept or tap into fibre-optic signals, making it ideal for commercial & industrial buildings or estates where data security is paramount.

Reliable Communication Infrastructure

Fibre optic networks offer unparalleled reliability. They are resistant to electromagnetic interference and signal loss, ensuring consistent communication. In critical scenarios, such as on-time delivery operations, the reliability of fibre optic cabling is indispensable.

Data Transfer

In commercial and industrial settings, businesses often deal with substantial data volumes, from managing logistics in warehouses to real-time data processing in production facilities, ensuring swift access to critical information and streamlined decision-making processes.


Fibre optic cabling seamlessly integrates with emerging technologies like high-definition video conferencing and smart building systems, ensuring that commercial and industrial facilities maintain technological relevance and operational efficiency


Our comprehensive solutions

Fiber Optic Cabling

Light-Speed Data Transfer

Fibre optic cabling offers lightning-fast data transfer rates, ideal for industries requiring real-time data processing and high-bandwidth applications. It ensures seamless communication and data exchange in production facilities and warehouses.


Fibre optics are resistant to electromagnetic interference and signal loss, providing uninterrupted connectivity critical for industrial automation and commercial operations.

NBN Integration

High-Speed Internet Access

The integration of NBN services guarantees high-speed, reliable internet connectivity for your industrial and commercial projects. This is essential for efficient communication, online transactions, and remote monitoring.


NBN infrastructure allows for easy scalability, accommodating growing data demands as your business expands.

GPON Technology

Efficient Data Transmission

GPON technology enables efficient and scalable data transmission, particularly suited for large industrial complexes and commercial properties. It optimises bandwidth allocation and reduces infrastructure costs.

High-Capacity Connectivity

GPON technology supports multiple users and devices simultaneously, making it perfect for shared industrial networks and commercial spaces with numerous tenants.

Dark Fiber

Custom Network Control

Dark fibre offers complete control over your network infrastructure. It allows you to tailor the network to your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in industrial and commercial applications.

Enhanced Security

Dark fibre networks are inherently secure, providing an added layer of protection for sensitive data transmissions in industrial and commercial sectors.

Wavelength Services

Diverse Applications

Wavelength services provide dedicated, high-capacity connections, ideal for data centre connectivity, disaster recovery, and cloud services. In industrial and commercial settings, this ensures robust and reliable data access.

Low Latency

Wavelength services offer low-latency connections, essential for high-frequency trading operations and mission-critical industrial control systems.

Fixed Wireless

Mobility and Flexibility

Fixed wireless solutions offer mobility and flexibility within industrial and commercial spaces. They facilitate communication and data access in large warehouses and expansive industrial complexes.

Rapid Deployment

Fixed wireless connections can be rapidly deployed, ensuring minimal project downtime and quick setup for new facilities.

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We invite builders and project developers working on industrial and commercial projects to connect with us. Let’s discuss your unique telecommunications infrastructure needs, project objectives, and how Iperium can be your trusted partner in achieving success.

Contact Iperium today to embark on a journey of innovation and excellence in industrial and commercial project development. Together, we can build a brighter, more connected future for your production and warehousing facilities.


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