Elevate Your Property Projects with High-Speed, Scalable Connectivity

Choose Dark Fibre and embrace the power of unparalleled bandwidth, security, and scalability, tailoring your network infrastructure to meet the unique demands of modern developments.

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The Dark Fibre Advantage for Property Professionals

At Iperium Telecommunication, we understand that modern property development demands a cutting-edge approach to connectivity. For property developers, builders, and real estate agents, staying ahead in the competitive landscape means offering properties with top-tier connectivity solutions. This is where Dark Fibre comes into play, revolutionising the way you connect and engage with your clients.

High-Speed Connectivity

Dark Fibre provides a dedicated and private network that delivers unparalleled speed and reliability.

Enhanced Property Value

In today’s tech-driven world, properties with advanced connectivity are more appealing to prospective tenants and buyers.

Scalable Infrastructure

Dark Fibre offers the scalability you need to adapt your network infrastructure to project-specific requirements.

Dark Fibre | developer solutions
Our Values

Your Dedicated Dark Fibre Partner

At Iperium, we’re more than just a telecom provider; we’re your partner in achieving connectivity excellence. Here’s why you should choose our Dark Fibre solutions:


Our Dark Fibre solutions are designed with property developers, builders, and real estate agents in mind. We customise our services to align with your project’s specific needs, ensuring that your properties are at the forefront of connectivity innovation.

Technology Integration

We understand the importance of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. Our services seamlessly integrate with these technologies, enhancing the convenience and appeal of your properties. From smart homes and connected vehicles to industrial automation and healthcare devices, developers rely on these services to enable efficient data transfer, remote monitoring, and real-time control across diverse IoT ecosystems.

Dark Fibre Connecting Key Cities
Across Oceania and Asia

Point-to-Point Transmission

Iperium’s Dark Fibre network span’s key locations across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Singapore, and Auckland. These locations serve as strategic hubs for core network and disaster recovery needs, ensuring seamless connectivity and data redundancy. 

Dark Fibre P2P

Key Advantages of Dark Fibre

Unlock all new advantages for your clients

Speed and Performance

Achieve high P2P availability to solidify their backbone infrastructure. Perfect for organisations who require speed without compromise.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Harness unlimited data capacity and meet even the most demanding data requirements. 

Low Latency

The direct point-to-point connectivity of Dark Fibre minimises network latency, ensuring swift response times and enhanced user experiences. 

Dark Fibre | developer solutions

Let's Transform Your Projects with Dark Fibre

Join Iperium Telecommunication in creating properties that are not just buildings but modern, connected living spaces. With our Dark Fibre solutions, you can offer the connectivity that today’s residents demand and position your properties at the forefront of the real estate market.

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What are the types of fibre optic cables?

A single-mode fibre optic cable is suitable for long-distance transmission and high bit rates, or very fast data traffic. This speed is achievable because the cable has a narrow core. As a result, the light moves in a straight line through the cable and is not reflected back by the outside of the core. 

The second type is the multi-mode fibre optic cable. This type is ideal for sending data over relatively short distances, at average speeds and with a high bandwidth. The core of this fibre optic cable has a larger diameter, which causes light scattering and can cause bandwidth loss. 


What are some-use cases of this product?

Dark Fibre allows the possibility for a linked connection where there is direct connectivity between two-points. This can be between two office locations or direct to a Data Centre for example. It can also be used as a redundant connection where a network topology provides a ring-structure to offer path diversity so there is no single point of failure. 

Can you explain how Dark Fibre differs from traditional internet connections?

Dark Fibre is unlit, meaning it’s not actively transmitting data. Developers lease it to install their own networking equipment and control their data traffic completely, unlike traditional internet services with shared bandwidth.

How can Dark Fibre support developers in creating smart city solutions?

Dark Fibre offers the bandwidth and low latency required for smart city applications like traffic management, public Wi-Fi, environmental monitoring, and more.

What types of developments can benefit from Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre is suitable for various developments, including residential neighbourhoods, business districts, healthcare campuses, and research facilities, where high-speed, low-latency connectivity is essential.

Are there security considerations when using Dark Fibre for development projects?

Yes, security is crucial. Developers must implement their security measures, such as encryption and firewalls, when using Dark Fibre to protect sensitive data.

Can developers increase their Dark Fibre capacity as their projects grow?

Yes, Dark Fibre is highly scalable. Developers can expand their capacity by lighting additional fibre strands or upgrading networking equipment to meet growing data demands.

How can developers find Dark Fibre providers in their area?

Researching local telecom companies or network infrastructure providers is a good starting point. They can also consult with industry experts or use online directories to locate Dark Fiber providers.

What are some successful development projects that have utilised Dark Fibre technology?

Many cities have employed Dark Fibre for building smart grids, intelligent transportation systems, and advanced healthcare facilities. Universities also leverage Dark Fibre for high-speed research networks, showcasing its versatility in various development contexts.

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