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Our Family NBN plans offer fast and reliable internet connections, allowing your family to stream videos, play online games, and engage in video calls without any interruptions. With our plans, you can rest assured that everyone in your household can stay connected and productive.

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nbn™ has extended its fibre coverage

Available in more towns and
suburbs around Australia

An additional 1.5 million premises are now eligible to get a full-fibre connection. Selected homes on FTTN and FTTC can now upgrade to fibre with any nbn™ fast plan. Experience incredibly fast connectivity with a more reliable connection to support your bandwidth-intensive applications and network services.

Australia NBN suburbs and town

Flip to Fibre! Free NBN Fibre upgrade when you purchase or upgrade
to a nbn™ fast plan


Order or upgrade to an nbn™ Fast, nbn™ Fast 40, nbn™ Superfast, or nbn™ Ultrafast plan for the free fibre upgrade.


Order or upgrade to an nbn™ Superfast or nbn™ Ultrafast plan for the free fibre upgrade.

Terms and conditions, eligibility criteria apply. Must stay on the same plan for 12 months.

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per month

Great for 1 – 2 users, who are low to moderate internet users.

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per month

Perfect for a small family who love to stream and are regular internet users.

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Best Value


per month

Great value for high end users, who need connectivity without interruptions.

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Fast 40



per month

Designed for the modern household, high-definition entertainment and lightning-quick downloads.

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Perfect for gaming enthusiast, a streaming aficionado who crave the ultimate in internet speed.

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Best Speed


per month

For those who crave the absolute pinnacle of internet speed and performance. 

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*All Iperium Broadband plans include unlimited data, subject to the Iperium Fair Use Policy. 1Advertised speeds are the maximum theoretical speeds for the chosen plan and access method, actual speeds may be lower due to many factors including your network configuration, the location, and type of content, the number of users simultaneously accessing the network, and the performance of third-party interconnection infrastructure that Iperium does not monitor or maintain. The maximum theoretical speeds should not be relied upon in making a purchasing decision. Real-world usage is unlikely to consistently achieve such speeds, due to the factors described above. ^ Actual speeds may vary due to various factors. 

All services include a Dynamic IP Address by default.

Critical Information summary

NBN router
Optional Extra

Add a Router

300 Mbps Wireless N 4G LTE Router

Don’t Pay $149.00

Get it for $59.99*

Perfect for a small family or 4 user household.

* Router Price based off a minimum 6 month commitment.

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Designed for your online world

Unleash the full potential of your household with NBN, where fast, reliable internet powers your online activities, work, and entertainment.

Superfast Internet Speeds

Enjoy blazing speeds that redefine your online experience, whether you’re streaming your favourite shows, video conferencing, or gaming with friends.

Reliability and Stability

Experience unparalleled reliability that keeps you connected without interruptions, even during peak hours.


Enhanced Entertainment and Communication

Enjoy crystal-clear video calls, buffer-free streaming, and lag-free online gaming, taking your digital lifestyle to new heights.

Unbeatable Value

Experience affordable plans without compromising on quality or features, allowing you to get the most out of your telecom services.

"Delivering top-notch NBN services"

“At Iperium, our commitment to delivering top-notch NBN services goes hand in hand with our dedication to supporting our valued customers. We believe that staying connected is fundamental, and we’re here to ensure that your connection is not only fast and reliable but also backed by responsive and caring customer support. Your satisfaction drives our efforts every day.”

Nathan Brookfield

General Manager, Iperium

For the love of internet, we go above and beyond

Elevate your family’s NBN experience with Iperium’s NBN solutions, delivering speedy connections, attentive customer support, and a forward-looking approach.

Reliable and High Internet Speeds

Experience the full potential of NBN with our premium plans tailored to suit your usage and requirements.

Wide Coverage Area

We have an extensive network coverage area. Whether you’re in a metropolitan area or a rural location, Iperium strives to provide comprehensive NBN coverage, connecting you wherever you are.

Flexible Plans for Every Need

Choose from a variety of flexible NBN plans, whether you’re a light internet user or a heavy data consumer, ensuring you get precisely what you need.

Competitive Pricing

Say goodbye to hidden fees and exorbitant bills with our transparent pricing structure.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our Australian-based support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues.

Easy Setup and Installation

Our hassle-free setup and installation process ensure that you can start enjoying your NBN services without any delays or complications.

There are No Stupid Questions, Ask Away, We’re All Ears

Everything you need to know about us and our services.

What is NBN, and how does it work?

NBN stands for National Broadband Network, a government-owned initiative in Australia to provide high-speed internet to residential and business areas. It uses a mix of fibre-optic, fixed wireless, and satellite technologies to deliver faster and more reliable internet services.

What types of NBN plans do you offer?

We offer a variety of NBN plans to suit different needs, including Basic, Standard, Standard Plus, and Premium options, each offering varying internet speeds and data allowances.

How can I check if NBN is available in my area?

You can use our online address checker or contact our customer support team to determine the availability of NBN services at your residential location.

Are there any setup or installation fees for NBN services?

Installation fees may apply, but we often have special promotions that include free or discounted installation when you sign up for certain NBN plans.

How can I make payments for my NBN plan?

We offer various payment options, including credit/debit cards, direct bank transfers, and online payment gateways, making it convenient for you to pay your bills.

Can I change my NBN plan after signing up?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your NBN plan based on your changing needs. Contact our customer support team, and they will assist you with the process.

What happens if I exceed my monthly data allowance?

If you exceed your data allowance, you may experience reduced speeds or incur excess data charges, depending on your NBN plan. However, we also offer plans with unlimited data to avoid any usage concerns.

What is your cancellation policy for NBN services?

Our cancellation policy varies based on the type of plan you have selected. Please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our support team to understand the cancellation process and any associated fees.

Can I move my NBN service to a new address?

Yes, we offer service transfers to eligible locations. Contact our customer support team in advance to arrange the move of your NBN service seamlessly.

Do you offer NBN plans with fixed contract periods?

Yes, we provide both contract and no-contract options for our NBN plans. Contract plans often come with additional benefits, while no-contract plans offer more flexibility without any long-term commitments.

NBN Fibre Upgrade

Expanded Coverage and Eligibility FAQs

What is the latest update on NBN fibre availability?

An additional 1.5 million premises across various towns and suburbs in Australia are now eligible for a full-fibre connection. This expansion allows selected homes and businesses on FTTN (Fibre to the Node) and FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) to upgrade to fibre by opting for any nbn™ Fast, nbn™ Fast 40, nbn™ Superfast, or nbn™ Ultrafast plan.

How can I get the free fibre upgrade if I have an FTTN connection?

To get the free fibre upgrade from an FTTN connection, you can order or upgrade to any nbn™ Fast, nbn™ Fast 40, nbn™ Superfast, or nbn™ Ultrafast plan. These plans offer incredibly fast connectivity with a more reliable connection to support your bandwidth-intensive applications and network services.

What are the requirements for getting the free fibre upgrade with an FTTC connection?

If you have an FTTC connection and wish to upgrade to fibre for free, you can do so by ordering or upgrading to any nbn™ Superfast or nbn™ Ultrafast plan. These plans provide enhanced connectivity, offering blazing-fast internet speeds to meet your digital needs.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a fibre connection?

Upgrading to a full-fibre connection brings significant benefits, including incredibly fast internet speeds, a more reliable connection, and the ability to support bandwidth-intensive applications and network services. It enhances your online experience, allowing seamless streaming, gaming, and productivity without interruptions.

How can I check if my premises are eligible for the fibre upgrade?

To check if your premises are eligible for the fibre upgrade, use our address checker or speak to our team. They will assist you in determining if your location qualifies for the free fibre upgrade.

Can I choose any nbn™ plan to get the fibre upgrade?

Yes, you have the flexibility to choose any nbn™ Fast, nbn™ Fast 40, nbn™ Superfast, or nbn™ Ultrafast plan for the free fibre upgrade if you have an FTTN connection. For FTTC connections, you can opt for nbn™ Superfast or nbn™ Ultrafast plans to be eligible for the fibre upgrade.

Will there be any changes to my existing services during the upgrade?

During the upgrade process, there might be a temporary disruption in your existing services. However, we will work to minimise any inconvenience and keep you informed about the upgrade progress.

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